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A portal built for the property investment industry .

Our goal is to connect motivated investors with ethical, transparent sourcing agents. We believe good agents are the backbone of the property investing industry, qualifying deals and promoting them factually.

By providing a free platform for investors and sourcing agents to communicate and endorse each other, we hope to rid the industry bad practise and unethical dealings.

Why we were formed.

Due to the large sums of money at stake property investing has issues with fraud. People operate in the industry with the intention to defraud investors from their hard earned money.

The fact the industry is a fragmented marketplace with many small companies and individuals involved means it can be difficult to know who to trust.

We wanted to change that.

Together we can make it easy for an investor to research the history and reputation of those operating in the industry.

We also wanted to help the ethical firms who add value and are transparent in their dealings. That is why we offer a free listing platform and directory to promote their business.

BMV HUB was built with your success in mind

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