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As a sourcing agent you probably spend a lot of time looking for investors.

Networking and social media are great but sometimes the people you meet are not qualified or the timing is wrong. 

Time is our most valuable asset, spending it qualifying prospective clients and conversing with people who are just curious is a waste.

Create your free account at BMV HUB and let the serious investors who are active in the market find you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Do you want the address and vendor details of my deals?

A. No we don’t want these and to answer the broader question, your data and your deals are yours. When listing a property we just require you to input the Town the property is in, this is for our search feature to help investors find the listing.



Q. If the account is free how do you make money?

A. We sell premium adverts for those that want more exposure, we may also introduce advertising on the site from selected partners such as loan companies and specialised services aimed at the property investing market.

Q. Can I list deals that I’m not direct on

A. No, you must be direct on a deal to promote it on our site.

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