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What Are The Different Ways To Sell My House?

Use a local Agent?

Local agents know there areas and the current market demand. The often offer a free valuation although some will be optimistic with the numbers in order to win the instruction.

If you need as much money as possible and time is not an important factor then a local agent may be the best option for you. Just make sure to do your homework and look at who is actually selling the most properties in your area.

Another good statistic that indicates a good agent is the average time on market. Agents that are selling the most stock and have a short time on market are likely to give you the most accurate valuation figure.

We may be the best option for sellers looking to move quickly.

– If you want to move quickly but still want to maximise your sale price, we are for you

– If you want multiple offers from investors to compare to general sale, this we are for you.

– If you are tired of chains, viewings or can not afford the agency fees, we are for you.

Selling property is time consuming and confusing. The open market can be a frustrating place of cancelled viewings and broken down chains.

Our solution supplies offers from investors who make non emotional decisions based on the financials of the deal, not how big your third bedroom is.

And of course it is without obligation.

Property buying companies

Like our solution these companies will be able to buy your property quickly and without a fuss. There are a lot of these companies but most of the ones that actually have the cash in the bank are national firms.

This could mean they lack the local knowledge and ability to actually visit the property to accurately appraise its investment value.

The main difference is that these firms generally deliver a single offer, normally from themselves. Whereas our agents can generally source multiple offers for you to compare.

See how we compare to these companies.

And of course it is without obligation.

Who we are for and what we can help with

How do we compare against traditional estate agents?


6 to 9 months


7 to 14 days
Advertised price
Price agreed after survey
Estate Agent and Solicitor Fees
Mortgage Payments
Bills and Repairs
Market value
Price agreed after survey
Estate Agent and Solicitor Fees
Mortgage Payments
Bills and Repairs




Our reputation is everything to us and showing you some of our happy customers testimonials will help you understand the process and how easy it can be to use our services.

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“I highly recommend the use of BMV Hub it has helped me sell my house as quickly and as smoothly as I could possibly have hoped.”

Mr. Andrew Maxwell

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We will send an agent who will offer completely Free advice with information on the ways you can proceed. This is 100% without any obligation for you to actually proceed.

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Once we have your basic details and circumstances we can select an agent who has experience in your area and situation. We will call you to confirm details and arrange an appointment.

Discovery Visit

An independent agent will visit your home to appraise it’s value and understand your situation. They will then communicate a number of solutions and ways in which they can help. It is up to you if you would like to proceed with any of the solutions offered.

Proceed to sale

If you do choose to proceed the agent will operate swiftly to deliver your chosen solution. We are here along this quick process should you need our support in dealing with the agent. The goal is always to deliver the agreed price within the agreed timescale. If this is not the case call us.